Smart Microsystems

We are a dedicated team with a total work experience of about 42 years - involved in designing, assembling, testing and selling embedded systems, power systems as well as consultancy for the Indian market and for customers abroad. We have designed systems for a number of companies including Larsen and Toubro and others.
Embedded systems programming:
We have a total of 32 years of experience programming in the C language and various assembly languages (PIC, 8051, 8085, 8086, PSoC1, PSoC4 , STM8 etc)
Power Systems Design:
We design Power systems such as DC-DC converters, UPS systems, SMPS systems - experience - 24 years.
We also assemble and sell UPS and inverter systems - of our own design - for the local market.
The UPS systems that we sell are analog or digital offline systems, and are upto 2KVA capacity.
PCB Design and etching:
All Printed Circuit Boards used in our products are designed by us. We are experienced in multilayer boards also and have done boards of up to 4 layers.
For internal use in tiny quantities, we etch our own PCBs.
Analog and Digital systems design:
Analog, digital and power systems and circuits design has been our bread and butter source for the last twenty seven years.
Our portfolio for design services includes companies such as Larsen and Toubro, Mysore, Automotive Axles, Mysore, Synthesis, Bangalore, as well as many others.