Smart Microsystems

We have designed many systems which are ready for technology transfer.

All designs have numerous options possible, which can be set to your specifications.

1. Low Frequency (20KHz) H Bridge based Solar Aware Sine Wave Home UPS systems design,  with solar priority MPPT charging option - DSP enabled Micro Controller based design. Maximum retail qty BOM cost for 12volts 1KVA system - INR3500.00 Add INR750 for solar charger card.

2. Utility Frequency Intelligent Push Pull based Quasi Sine Wave Home UPS system - DSP enabled Micro Controller based design. Maximum retail qty BOM cost for 12volts 1KVA system - INR3000.00 without solar card.

3. Personnel/Asset Tracking systems employing GPS and GSM - DSP enabled Micro Controller based design. Maximum retail qty BOM cost for system - INR 2800.00

4. Stand-alone Solar Charging system with MPPT. - contact us for BOM cost

5. GSM based secure remote control system. - contact us for BOM cost

6. Utility Frequency Push Pull Quasi-Sine Wave Inverter - Analog Design -  These systems have been running for 17 years. 12volts 1KVA BOM cost INR2500.00

7. Intelligent DC-DC Converter. - Contact us for BOM cost

Technology Transfers:


Type ​1. ​Assembled ​​and tested Cards.

Deliverables: We send you the assembled and tested cards with CPU installed​, and you ​mount, wire the same ​in your own cabinet, with our CPU. ​Then you final test/run and install the system at the customer premises. ​ The transformer winding details, and the schematic of the system will be given as deliverables.


Type 2. Without source code or CPU board.

Deliverables:  Transformer winding details, Drive board Circuit schematics, Drive board PCB layout Gerber files, Programming manual and support manual. On receipt of your order and payment for a batch


Type 3. With Source code included.

Deliverables: ​Complete source code (with Non Disclosure Agreement between us), Transformer winding details
​, ​
circuit schematics for drive board and CPU board, PCB layout 
​ file​s, Programming manual and support manual. 
​Here you will be able to ​program the CPU as you wish, or modify the code as needed.



Depending on the type of technology transfer, we will provide board test, assembly, source code detailed explanation, and testing and installation training to (up to) 4 people of your team at Mysore. The training period varies depending on type of Technology transfer, from one day for type 1 to 15 days for type 3. You will pay the expenditure involved in boarding, lodging and other expenses for the people of your team. The same members who have been trained will be the people we will interact with for all future support calls during the year.



We give one year support by email and phone. All your technical issues regarding the product can be discussed with us for this period. All firmware upgrades for one year are also included.